Lifestyles Fitness Studio is your complete fitness & wellness solution. From our 1-on-1 & group Personal Training programs to our GPT Classes and Customized Nutrition Plans, we strive to make your life better. 

Lifestyles is equipped with state-of-the-art functional training machines as well as all of the accessories that will challenge your body and lead to lasting results including stability balls, battle ropes, TRX Suspension Training, weighted vests, kettlebells, medicine balls, balance trainers, gel-grip dumbells, body bars, myofascial release rollers, Wavemaster kickboxing and ellitpitcal & treadmill machines.

Our wide mix of machines, free weights and bodyweight training systems ensures that clients of all fitness levels from beginner to advanced will never perform the same workout more than once. This leads to muscle confusion which is critical to results.

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